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Important Tax Update for 2010 You Don’t Want To Miss

On my last post, I talked about the various 2009 tax benefits that were expanded in 2010. Some of these tax benefits have been extended and there are quite a few that were no longer valid for 2010. However, Congress have passed new tax provisions that have expanded additional tax benefits for the American people […]

2009 Tax Benefits Extended in 2010

Every year there are just so many changes in the tax law and it seems that we really have to be on top of things for us to take advantage of the various tax savings. In tax year 2009, there are a lot of tax benefits that sprung out to help the American people weather […]

Schedule A: Medical Expenses You May Deduct

If you paid medical and dental expenses for yourself, your spouse and your qualifying dependents, you may be able to deduct them on your tax return. The IRS defines medical expenses as the costs of diagnostic, treatment, mitigation or prevention of disease and the costs of treatment affecting any part or function of the body. […]