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Home Business Start-Up: Business Accounts, Insurance and Financing

After you’ve decided on the type of entity that you’ll operate for your business and filed the necessary business documents such as business licenses and permits, the next step would be working on more administrative part of your business. When operating a business, there are a few more administrative task that you have to complete. […]

Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC): Home Buyers Tax Credit

Before the first-time home buyer’s credit program came out, one home buyers tax credit that has been around for quite some time is the mortgage interest credit (MCC). The first-time home buyer’s credit is only good for tax years 2008 to 2010 but it offers a much higher one-time home buyers tax credit worth as […]

Types of Mutual Fund Equity Investment Options

Investing in our retirement funds is no easy task. Somehow, we would probably need to at least get an idea on where we are investing our money. There are a lot of investment assets available in the market nowadays such as bonds, cash equivalents, equity funds, stocks, etc. Although investing in direct stocks may yield […]

Why You Should Fight For Every Percent You Can Get on Your Finances

1%, it seems so little and potentially, a regular person may think that it is very immaterial. However, when you apply it to your finances, this one percent makes a big difference!! Check out how this 1% affects both your investments and debts.

Applying for and Benefits of a US Citizenship

My wife just sent her application for US citizenship last month and I’m really surprised on how expensive it is nowadays. The application fees have increased throughout the years as  now the cost is $680 ($595 for the N-400 form application and $85 for the biometric fingerprinting). It seems that almost every year the fees […]