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Brand New Look for My 15-Year Old Car And How I Save Money On This

As part of our frugal ways, my wife and I share only one car and we were able to do so by deciding to move closer to where I work. This way, neither one of us has to take the public transportation. I have taken care of the “mechanical” aspects of my car by following […]

Donate or Sell Broken Car?

What happens if the cost of repair is more than the cost of the car? Would you give it up or have it fixed? This was the dilemma that my friend was facing. One of the car that he drives needed some repair but it turned out that it would cost him a lot of […]

The Pair of Shoes That Made My Wife’s Day!

The months of July, August and September are probably the busiest months for us when it comes to our social life. These are the months that most of our friends, godchildren, and relatives are celebrating their birthdays. As part of our frugal shopping ways, we always try to shop for gifts during the holiday sale […]

My Employer Has Restored the 401k Matching Contribution

A few months ago, my company has been looking to cut cost in order to balance their budget. I guessed, I can say that to most companies during the economic downturn. The company does not have any plans of laying off people and we are also in a hiring freeze except for the critically needed […]

Need A Down Payment For Your House? Your City or County May Have Free Money For You

Most bank are requiring you to put in a down payment when buying a home. Gone are those days where you can get zero down payment or borrow second mortgages as your down payment if you are obtaining conventional mortgages. Nowadays, it’s either you saved up for it, borrow from your retirement funds (401k, IRA, […]