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Top 4 Reasons Why People Start an Online Business

Easy access to real-time information has made the internet the go-to source for most of us. In addition, the internet has revolutionized the way of doing business influencing and changing the habits of various shoppers. Over 800 million have shopped online worldwide and the number of internet shoppers has grown by almost 20% every year. […]

4 Main Scholarship Search Sites For Selected Minority Students

The cost of going to college has been rising throughout the years and it is becoming less affordable for a lot of families. Most college students use some sort of financial aid to help pay for the costs of college such as student loans, grants, scholarships, IRA accounts, and other educational tax savings programs. Among […]

The Early Withdrawal Consequences on a Roth IRA

There might come a time when you’ll find yourself in a financial bind and  may not have any other options but to tap your retirement plans. The IRS considers any withdrawals from your retirement plan an early withdrawal or distribution if made before you reached the age of 59 1/2 years. In general, the early […]