How To Get An Extension To File Your Tax Return

Tax filing is really hectic and very stressful especially if you are filing the long form and you are still waiting for various documentations. Others may be out of the country during that time while others may have a very difficult tax return that requires thorough preparation. If you think you are not going to make […]

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA): A Quick Overview

Nowadays, majority of the companies offer a retirement plan and the most common type is the 401(k). However, if your employer does not offer one, you can still save for retirement and enjoy the tax-deferment features by opening an Individual Retirement Arrangement or IRA. In the past, not many employer offer a retirement plan at […]

What To Do If You Still Have Not Received Your W-2

As you know, if you work for someone else, you will need to have your W-2  from each of your employer in order for you to prepare and file your taxes. A W-2 is a Wage and Tax statement that shows the following information: – your gross salary and/or wages – federal and/or state taxes […]

How To Check The Status of Your Tax Refund Check

Because of the recent changes in tax laws for tax year 2010, taxpayers are unable to e-file their returns until February 14, 2011 to allow the IRS to change their system. You can always receive your refund faster if you e-file your tax return and use the direct deposit method. Normally, the turn around time […]

4 Payment Options You Can Use If You Owe Taxes

You should be able to determine if you owe any taxes as soon as your tax return is complete. In some cases, such as filing an extension, you need to be able to estimate how much taxes you owe. You can also have the IRS calculate the tax for you and the IRS will send […]

Are You Required To File A Tax Return

Not everybody is required to file an income tax return. If you are a US citizen or resident, usually, the filing requirements depends on your gross income, filing status and age. In general, if your adjusted gross income (AGI) is less than your standard deduction and the allowed personal exemptions, then you do not have […]

Tax Issues For The Unemployed Individuals

During the economic downturn for the past couple years, millions of Americans have lost their job. However, as part of the American Reinvestment Recovery Act, the government made sure that even the unemployed are also taken care of by offering numerous benefits such as extending the unemployment benefits, exclusion of up to $2,400 of income, […]

Miscellaneous Items You Can Deduct On Schedule A

There are really two kinds of miscellaneous deductions that can be deducted on your itemized schedule: items that are subject to the 2% of AGI limitation, which will be discussed on this article and the ones that are not such as gambling losses, casualty or theft losses, etc. Miscellaneous Section Subject to the 2% of […]

Schedule A: Interest Expense You Can Deduct

Interest expense is the amount of money you pay for the use of borrowed funds. Certain types of interest expense may be deductible depending on where you use those borrowed money. Most consumers have various debts such as home mortgage debt, auto loans, credit card balances, student loans, business loans, and investment loans. Most of […]

Personal/Non-Business Losses You May Deduct – Casualty and Theft Losses

Majority of personal expenses are not deductible. This include expenses paid for living, home rent, food, clothing, insurance, utilities, child support, auto payments, vehicle expenses interest on credit cards, etc. If you run a business (see How a home-based business may help you reduce your taxes) or you have unreimbursed employee expenses, you may be […]

Claiming The Home Buyer’s Credit On Your Return

The American Recovery Reinvestment Act has brought a lot of tax benefits to the American people in order to stimulate the economy. After the real estate crash a couple of years ago, the government tried to find ways to stabilize the real estate market since this is one of the major reason why the economy […]

Deducting Charitable Donations Part 1 – Qualified Organizations

Every year, Americans have been giving billions of dollars of donations to charity. Thanks to the government for giving out the incentive to do so: deducting those donations from your taxes. However, there are certain rules on what can you deduct, what organization qualifies, and how much you can deduct. This is a three part […]