Financing Options for Your Home-Based or Small Business

While most of home businesses require a very low start-up cost, however, there are still a lot of home based businesses that require some start-up capital to use for working capital and to purchase inventory and equipment. Check the various ways to finance your home-based business or small business.

Home-Based Business Career Opportunities

New claims in unemployment nationwide jump unexpectedly as 500,000 unemployment applications submitted nationwide last week were the most in nine months as reported in the Los Angeles Times August20, 2010 edition. The economy has not picked up yet and more people are still looking for jobs. What happens if the unemployment benefits has been exhausted? […]

Factors Considered When Choosing A Business Structure

As a business owner, one of the critical decisions that you will make is to choose the form of business structure. This article discusses the things to consider when choosing your business entity.

Hope Credit: Who can still use this educational tax credit?

With the introduction of the American Opportunity Credit, the Hope credit faded away since it offers less benefit. However, the Hope Credit yields a higher benefit if you are part of this group. The article also discusses the test that you need to meet to qualify, what expenses you can deduct, what you can’t deduct and how to calculate the credit.

Buying a Home: What You Need To Know About the True Cost of Homeownership

If you think the monthly payment on your house is only the amount of your PITI (or principal, interest, property taxes and insurance), think again!! The cost of homeownership goes beyond that. Here is the list of the other cost that you have to include in your budget.

2010 Tax Tables

Looking for the 2010 Federal Tax Table? Look no more. On this article you’ll find the 2010 tax brackets and how taxes are determined for Single, Head of Household (HH), Married Filing Joint (MFJ), and Married Filing Separate (MFS) taxpayers.

Disadvantages of Running A Home-Based Business

Any business venture, no matter how appealing it would be, always comes with its own disadvantages. This article discuss the most common disadvantages of a home-based business.

Understanding Tax Credits – List of Common Tax Credits

A guide to understanding how tax credit works, how it is different from a tax deduction, and the various types of tax credit.

6 Things To Avoid To Protect Your Credit Score

Your FICO score is one of the most important thing to protect in your life because of how it would affect the “cost of borrowing” money or interest rates. The higher your score the more purchasing power you would have especially when you’re buying a house or a car. Find out the things to avoid in order to protect your FICO score.

Why Start A Home-Based Business

At a time when the economy is still stagnant and more people are still losing jobs, starting a home-based business may be a solution. Although it is sometimes best to start one while you still have a primary job, others have started on their home-based business full-time. Here are some of the reasons why people would start a home-based business.