Guide To Buying Your Home

Deciding when to buy a house is probably one of the toughest decisions that you will make. For most families, home ownership is probably on top of the family’s wish list and coming close to that reality may bring anxiety. The following are a few of our articles related to home buying that you can […]

Need A Down Payment For Your House? Your City or County May Have Free Money For You

Most bank are requiring you to put in a down payment when buying a home. Gone are those days where you can get zero down payment or borrow second mortgages as your down payment if you are obtaining conventional mortgages. Nowadays, it’s either you saved up for it, borrow from your retirement funds (401k, IRA, […]

My Sister Just Bought A Newly Built Home: The Good and The Bad

My sister just bought the newly built home three weeks ago. I know that she always wanted to buy a new one so she has flexibility when making customization on the house. So this past weekend, my nieces and nephew stayed in our apartment so that my sister and her husband have some breathing room as […]

Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC): Home Buyers Tax Credit

Before the first-time home buyer’s credit program came out, one home buyers tax credit that has been around for quite some time is the mortgage interest credit (MCC). The first-time home buyer’s credit is only good for tax years 2008 to 2010 but it offers a much higher one-time home buyers tax credit worth as […]

7 Homeownership Related Tax Credit and Deductions

One of the biggest advantage of home ownership versus renting is that there are a lot of financial benefits including numerous tax breaks available to the homeowners that are not available to renters. Most renters can only claim the standard deduction since they may not have enough expenses to itemize. When you become a homeowner, […]

Tax Break For Homeowners Selling Their House

Homeownership is still considered as one of the American dream as most of us really wants to have a piece of America. Aside for the emotional benefit of homeownership, it has a built in various financial benefits that you can never achieve if you are just renting. One of the most common financial benefit are the […]

Claiming Mortgage Interest Credit On Your Tax Return

If you think that there are no more tax credit for first time home buyer’s credit, think again!! One tax credit that has been around since 1984 but has been overlooked by most home buyer is the mortgage credit certificate program or simply called MCC. However, this is not a program administered by the IRS […]

Claiming The Residential Energy Credits

As a homeowner, being energy efficient pays off a lot when it comes to reducing your monthly electric or gas bills. In addition, you are also helping the environment in reducing deadly emissions in the air so it does provide double benefit. However, purchasing these equipment may be too costly and the break-even point (the […]

Schedule A: Interest Expense You Can Deduct

Interest expense is the amount of money you pay for the use of borrowed funds. Certain types of interest expense may be deductible depending on where you use those borrowed money. Most consumers have various debts such as home mortgage debt, auto loans, credit card balances, student loans, business loans, and investment loans. Most of […]

Claiming The Home Buyer’s Credit On Your Return

The American Recovery Reinvestment Act has brought a lot of tax benefits to the American people in order to stimulate the economy. After the real estate crash a couple of years ago, the government tried to find ways to stabilize the real estate market since this is one of the major reason why the economy […]

The Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

One big advantage of owning a home is if you carry out a mortgage when you first purchase it, the mortgage interest that you paid may be tax deductible. This may include the loans you used to purchased your home, the second mortgage, or home equity loans. To be deductible, the mortgage loans must meet […]

Buying a Town house: What You Should Know Before You Buy One

Town home is a hybrid between a condominium and a single family house. It is similar to a condominium because townhomes are usually clustered together to create a community with common areas like swimming pools, playgrounds, gated community, etc. Thus, requires a governing body called the Home Owner’s Association. On the other hand, it is […]