The Early Withdrawal Consequences on a Roth IRA

There might come a time when you’ll find yourself in a financial bind and  may not have any other options but to tap your retirement plans. The IRS considers any withdrawals from your retirement plan an early withdrawal or distribution if made before you reached the age of 59 1/2 years. In general, the early […]

How to Report Hobby Income and Expenses on Your Tax Return

Hobbies keep balance in our life. It is an activity that we love and enjoy that help us relieve the stress of our day-to-day lives or a diversion to keep us sane. Although most hobbies are done just for leisure such as listening to music, playing sports, playing video games, reading books, traveling, or what […]

Guide To Buying Your Home

Deciding when to buy a house is probably one of the toughest decisions that you will make. For most families, home ownership is probably on top of the family’s wish list and coming close to that reality may bring anxiety. The following are a few of our articles related to home buying that you can […]

My Wife Just Passed the US Citizenship Interview and 6 Tips You Can Use Before and During the Interview

My wife had her US Citizenship interview just two weeks ago and she passed! I know that it was pretty late posting this since I was still thinking on what to include on this article and decided to post tips for those immigrants applying for US citizenship. She’s been really working hard on it and […]

Donate or Sell Broken Car?

What happens if the cost of repair is more than the cost of the car? Would you give it up or have it fixed? This was the dilemma that my friend was facing. One of the car that he drives needed some repair but it turned out that it would cost him a lot of […]

The Pair of Shoes That Made My Wife’s Day!

The months of July, August and September are probably the busiest months for us when it comes to our social life. These are the months that most of our friends, godchildren, and relatives are celebrating their birthdays. As part of our frugal shopping ways, we always try to shop for gifts during the holiday sale […]

My Employer Has Restored the 401k Matching Contribution

A few months ago, my company has been looking to cut cost in order to balance their budget. I guessed, I can say that to most companies during the economic downturn. The company does not have any plans of laying off people and we are also in a hiring freeze except for the critically needed […]

Need A Down Payment For Your House? Your City or County May Have Free Money For You

Most bank are requiring you to put in a down payment when buying a home. Gone are those days where you can get zero down payment or borrow second mortgages as your down payment if you are obtaining conventional mortgages. Nowadays, it’s either you saved up for it, borrow from your retirement funds (401k, IRA, […]

My Sister Just Bought A Newly Built Home: The Good and The Bad

My sister just bought the newly built home three weeks ago. I know that she always wanted to buy a new one so she has flexibility when making customization on the house. So this past weekend, my nieces and nephew stayed in our apartment so that my sister and her husband have some breathing room as […]

9 Quick Facts About The Traditional IRA Contributions

In general, contributions to a traditional IRA can be deducted from your taxable gross income, thus, helping you save money on taxes. However, if you are covered by retirement plan at work, the tax deductions may be reduced or phased out depending on how much your gross income is for the year. While most people […]

Home Business Start-up: Tax Payment Issues

As a business owner, you also need to be aware of the types of taxes that you have to pay. You do not have to pay all the taxes discussed in this article because the other taxes varies depending on how you operate your business such as whether you are selling products, hiring employees, or […]

Why You Should Fight For Every Percent You Can Get on Your Finances

1%, it seems so little and potentially, a regular person may think that it is very immaterial. However, when you apply it to your finances, this one percent makes a big difference!! Check out how this 1% affects both your investments and debts.