My Employer Has Restored the 401k Matching Contribution

A few months ago, my company has been looking to cut cost in order to balance their budget. I guessed, I can say that to most companies during the economic downturn. The company does not have any plans of laying off people and we are also in a hiring freeze except for the critically needed […]

Has Your Employer Made Any Cuts Lately? Mine Did!

The economy seems better than it was two years ago. The Dow Jones has hit the 12,000 points mark and unemployment rate seem to be going down as the months passes by. On a recent statistics by BLS, the unemployment has dropped to 9% in January. However, there are still a  lot of companies that […]

Tax Issues For The Unemployed Individuals

During the economic downturn for the past couple years, millions of Americans have lost their job. However, as part of the American Reinvestment Recovery Act, the government made sure that even the unemployed are also taken care of by offering numerous benefits such as extending the unemployment benefits, exclusion of up to $2,400 of income, […]

7 Income People Think Are Taxable But Actually Are Not

Taxes are really very confusing. There are some deductions that people think they can claim but in reality, they can’t. I’m sure that you’ve been hearing different stories from your friends or co-workers regarding the deductibility of some deductions. It works the same way with reportable income: Determining which income is taxable or not can really […]

Unreimbursed Employee Expenses: What Can You Deduct

Your job may require you to pay out-of-pocket costs but your employer may not reimburse you for those expenses. When this happens, you may be able to deduct those expenses on your tax return. So the question is what can you deduct and how do you report it on your tax return?

How The Health Reform Act Affected My Employee Benefits

It’s that time of the year again for our employee benefits annual enrollment, which is on October 1 thru October 30, 2010, and I just received a newsletter which includes the preview of the upcoming changes. The annual enrollment from my work allows me to make changes on the following benefits: Health Insurance Dental Insurance […]