Why You Should Fight For Every Percent You Can Get on Your Finances

1%, it seems so little and potentially, a regular person may think that it is very immaterial. However, when you apply it to your finances, this one percent makes a big difference!! Check out how this 1% affects both your investments and debts.

7 Mistakes People Make Just To Get A Huge Tax Refund

In general, tax deduction should be the secondary reason not the primary reason for your spending. In other words, do not overspend for the sole purpose of claiming the expense as a deduction in order to get more refund during tax time!! Spending just to claim a tax deduction is like spending $1 to get […]

How Your FICO Score Impacts Your Purchasing Power

In a perfect world, it would be really nice if we can purchase everything in cash but for most of us this is not the case. We have to borrow money to buy big ticket items such as cars and houses. When borrowing money, creditors look at your FICO score. Discusses how your FICO Score affects what you can purchase and for how much.