Home Ownership

Buying A Home: Tips on Finding an Agent

On the previous post, we discussed if you should hire an agent or not. And let’s say you have decided that hiring an agent is the right path for you to help you with the buying process, so the next question is how do you find one? Below are some of the useful tips that […]

Buying a Home: Should You Hire an Agent?

So you want to buy a home and you’re wondering if you can do this on your own? Of course, you can! There is really no law requiring you to have an agent when purchasing a house. If you think you can handle the complexity of a real estate contract, then you can move forward […]

The Pros and Cons of Buying Newly Built Homes

From time to time, my wife and I will check out new homes in the area or even in the adjacent communities. We do this to see the various designs and how furniture is set-up in the house. Talk about nothing to do with our lives but, hey, we are planning on buying and moving […]

5 Things you must do in Advance before Purchasing a House

Finally decided on buying a house? Before you make and drastic actions, it is important to know that there are some valuable things that you have to do first. Below are top five things that you need to accomplish:

Home Renters Should Not Pay More Taxes: A Rebuttal On Financial Samurai’s Article

Article is in response to Financial Samurai’s “Renters Should Pay More Taxes.” homeowners should not envy the renters if renters don’t pay rental taxes. We’re talking about 3 great tax breaks for the homeowners versus one tax relief (no rental tax) for the renters and the homeowners want to take away that single tax relief for the renter?

Why It Makes Financial Sense To Buy A House

I believe people want to buy a house because it is still considered one of the American dreams. People seem to associate home ownership with the standard of living. We somehow see an improvement on our living status after we bought the house. We also feel that we have a sense of financial security knowing that we own something of value. To top it off, it also comes with the following financial benefits:

Audit Finds the IRS Inability to Track the Home Buyer’s Credit

For a change, the IRS are the ones who got audited. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times stated that  an audit raises questions about the IRS ability to track home buyers credit. The auditor found that the IRS lacks a system to keep track or to monitor on the individuals who claimed the […]

Buying A Condominium: What You Should Know Before Buying One

So you want to buy a home but are considering a condominium because of the amenities, the community, and whatever reason you may have. But before you buy one, you should weigh the various pros and cons of owning one carefully and decide if this is really for you.

Buying a Home: What You Need To Know About the True Cost of Homeownership

If you think the monthly payment on your house is only the amount of your PITI (or principal, interest, property taxes and insurance), think again!! The cost of homeownership goes beyond that. Here is the list of the other cost that you have to include in your budget.