Taxable Income

How to Report Hobby Income and Expenses on Your Tax Return

Hobbies keep balance in our life. It is an activity that we love and enjoy that help us relieve the stress of our day-to-day lives or a diversion to keep us sane. Although most hobbies are done just for leisure such as listening to music, playing sports, playing video games, reading books, traveling, or what […]

10 Income Subject To Tax That You May Not Be Aware Of

According to the IRS, you must report your worldwide income on your tax return. Income is not just about the salary that you received. It would also include a lot of items such as gains on the property you sold and net income from your business or rental properties. The good news is that you […]

Tax Break For Homeowners Selling Their House

Homeownership is still considered as one of the American dream as most of us really wants to have a piece of America. Aside for the emotional benefit of homeownership, it has a built in various financial benefits that you can never achieve if you are just renting. One of the most common financial benefit are the […]

March Madness: How the NCAA Helps You Get Away With Watching Games At Work

March Madness is probably the next big thing after the Super Bowl event. Advertisers are probably paying an arm and a leg just to get spots in this 3-week event. The games are available in multiple TV stations now such as the CBS, TNT, TBS, and TRU. This tells you how a lot of these […]

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA): A Quick Overview

Nowadays, majority of the companies offer a retirement plan and the most common type is the 401(k). However, if your employer does not offer one, you can still save for retirement and enjoy the tax-deferment features by opening an Individual Retirement Arrangement or IRA. In the past, not many employer offer a retirement plan at […]

The 457 Retirement Plan Hardship Withdrawal

On my previous post, I talked about making a hardship withdrawal on your 401k and 403 (b) but now let’s take a look at the 457 retirement plan, which is a deferred contribution retirement plan for the government employees. It should be noted that some government employees may actually have both the 401(k) plan and […]

Tax Issues For The Unemployed Individuals

During the economic downturn for the past couple years, millions of Americans have lost their job. However, as part of the American Reinvestment Recovery Act, the government made sure that even the unemployed are also taken care of by offering numerous benefits such as extending the unemployment benefits, exclusion of up to $2,400 of income, […]

7 Income People Think Are Taxable But Actually Are Not

Taxes are really very confusing. There are some deductions that people think they can claim but in reality, they can’t. I’m sure that you’ve been hearing different stories from your friends or co-workers regarding the deductibility of some deductions. It works the same way with reportable income: Determining which income is taxable or not can really […]

Why It Makes Financial Sense To Buy A House

I believe people want to buy a house because it is still considered one of the American dreams. People seem to associate home ownership with the standard of living. We somehow see an improvement on our living status after we bought the house. We also feel that we have a sense of financial security knowing that we own something of value. To top it off, it also comes with the following financial benefits: