264th Edition of the Festival of Frugality

Welcome to the 264th edition of the Festival of Frugality. Being frugal does not necessarily mean being cheap, it just means that a person is trying to find the most economical way of spending money. There are some people that are fanatically living a frugal life. But sometimes people can go to the extreme and just become plain cheap. Which one are you? Below are the collection of articles about frugality and personal finance.

Editor’s Pick

  • Leave Debt Behind.com presents Frugal Living Tips For A Debt Free Life posted at Leave Debt Behind saying “If you are in debt or just wanting to stay out of it, living a frugal simple life just may be the answer. Sometimes we forget that there was a time without cell phones and cable television. Here are ten great tips for those looking to live a frugal debt free lifestyle.”
  • Linda@NHE presents What to do with a Lump Sum of Money posted at Christian Personal Finance. People with no knowledge of what to do with a new found wealth can easily blow their money away. I’ve watched documentaries of those people who lost their lottery winnings s in just a few short years or athletes and celebrities who became instant millionaires but filed for bankruptcy.
  • Sun presents Resolve to Plan Meals to $ave posted at Earn More Invest Wisely at The Sun’s Financial Diary. My wife would love this article as she does this a lot: planning meals to save money and it does work!!
  • Roshawn Watson presents What Are Your Financial Regrets? posted at Watson Inc. This is the one that I can relate to. I, too, have a lot of financial regrets and have wished that I can turn back time and reverse those decisions.

Frugal Shopping

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Frugal Meals

Frugal Budget

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Frugal Health And Fitness

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Debt Management

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Taxes and Accounting

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That is it for this week’s edition. Be sure to visit the Festival of Frugality home to read the past edition’s articles or if you are interested in submitting articles or hosting the festival in the future.


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